Youth Welfare

Chirag opened its venue for the youth in a special way in 2015. It began training the youth to enlighten and awaken the society towards the unjust ways and atrocities, the poor face in their daily life situations. It was conducted through various means like Street Play Theatre, Social Audit, RTF(Right To Food) campaign, etc. It exposed the apathy of the Government machinery in reaching out to the needy to provide the basic necessities of life. There were many workshops and seminars conducted for the youth to assist them towards critical thinking like Social Analysis, Right Based Approach, etc. We challenged them with the three mantras of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar – Educate, Agitate and organize ….. As a result, the youth took interest in higher education, appeared for competitive exams, and found themselves a seat among the Government employees in different departments. One of them is Kalpana Kumari of Kritpura village, Buxar as a Railway Police in Mugulsarai.
Each of us has the power to improve the lives of people who are in need through our combined efforts, helping to advance humanity.

Skill Development Program

The Skill Development Training through DBTech and KYP (Kushal Vikas program) has enabled many of our boys and girls to find employment for themselves in bigger cities… Now they earn a good sum to have a decent living not only for themselves but a breadwinner for their families too. They have learned to aim high …so they take up higher studies and always search for better opportunities. We have Anu Kumari who was trained as a home nurse, now completing her GNM, and Renu Kumari who has already completed her B.Ed. At present KYP under Bihar Skill Development Mission is conducted in many batches and the youth are equipped for better job opportunities.