Right from the inception of Chirag, Health Care was a great and urgent concern of us. Earlier seeing the pathetic situation of the expectant mothers of the rural area who were not able to get timely assistance during the childbirth, we trained local midwives to use safe and hygienic methods during the childbirth and in the time of emergency to help them out to find immediate medical help. Later through our health camp and awareness building programs they themselves were able to take the available help offered by the Government health care systems. Chirag came forward to extend help and guidance in many cases when the sick was diagnosed with serious illness that needed further investigation and treatment in bigger Cities and hospitals. Chirag being a member of the District “ROGI KALYAN SAMATI” plays a great role in advocacy and lobbying for access to healthcare. To protect and to restore vision, Chirag collaborate with Mary Ward Hospital at Dumraon in conducting eye camp in the villages especially for cataract operations.
Each of us has the power to improve the lives of people who are in need through our combined efforts, helping to advance humanity.