Through Literacy centers for teenage girls and women, we brought great awareness to the villages. When we entered into Social Activities in 1988 no women in the villages were literate, neither any girl child was going to school. Through Preprimary, Non-Formal Education, and Adult literacy classes, we catered to small children, teenage girls, and young women. Through preprimary centers, we inculcated in the children a desire to go to school. The teenage girls were totally illiterate and we made them read to write before got married and went off. These girls in turn promised that they will educate their daughters just like their sons. One of the NFE girls later went to a formal school and today she is in Bihar Police. Through adult Literacy classes we not only made them literate but also greatly urged them to send their daughters to school. Within 5 years’ time, all the girl children started going to school where we were working. Many women continued with the reading practice that they started reading storybooks, bible, etc. Village quacks used to bluff them but with the literacy classes, they started checking the expiry date of the medicines.
Each of us has the power to improve the lives of people who are in need through our combined efforts, helping to advance humanity.